15 Easter Eggs That Proves Tommy Vercetti Is STILL ALIVE In Grand Theft Auto 5! (GTA 5)


15 Easter Eggs That Proves Tommy Vercetti Is STILL ALIVE In Grand Theft Auto 5! (GTA 5)
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Tommy Vercetti was the kingpin ruler of Vice City in the 1980’s but where is here now? Today, we look at 15 Easter Eggs & References that proves he’s ALIVE In Grand Theft Auto 5!

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  1. I dont want the next location to be in vice city that map is too small if they do it though they need to make the map bigger

  2. But Vice City logos and Vice city "easter eggs" are not about Tommy. Vice city is normal (GTA) City -Miami so that clothing items are just a normal things. But the other easter eggs may show us the truth. I think Tommy Verceti may be alive but with his lifestyle there is only a little chance.

  3. Mainly the location is vice city in gta 6 but you can go to different places like liberty city, Los Santos (available only in missions) gta 6 is particularly different, compared to the other gta games

  4. Everyone forgets one huge massive giant detail. The 3D world of GTA does not exist in the HD universe. Tommy, Carl, Claude… they don’t exist in the world of GTA IV or V!

  5. Dr Friedlander. Cures Vice City Syndrome. Moved to Los Santos in 1987, not long after GTA VC, and works with Michael, a man who moved cities and changed his name. Except for not being old enough, is Dr Friedlander Tommy Vercetti? Especially seeing as he gets a TV Show and attempts to move away before being killed? If his not Tommy, does he have ties with him?

  6. How do you character doesn’t go straight away Because every time you die you spoon of the hospital should you be dead or not

  7. Tommy never existed in the world of GTA V. It's a different universe. Even the characters that have been in both the 3D universe and HD universe are different people. Like Lazlo would have been 18/19 in VC if he was the same as the 46-year old met in V, but from the artwork, you can tell that Lazlo was already in at least his 30s. They're also vastly different, one is a Hollywood TV personality and the other is a badass rock radio talk show host.
    These are all easter eggs for Vice City. There's also easter eggs for other Rockstar games in GTA V, doesn't mean it's in the same universe.

  8. Storyline, he made a lot of enemies to get to the top, stepped on a lot of people, even killed. Pretty sure there's plenty out there that want him dead.

  9. Some doctors when they find a body they say:"Man, vice city was way mych peaceful back in the day." And the other doc says:"was it man?"

  10. Just bc his company is doing well doesn’t mean he’s still alive 🤦‍♀️ just like Colonel sanders is dead but KFC is still fire

  11. i hope rockstar makes a gta game where cj, claude and tommy are the antagonist for the new protagonist 😎


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