Best Face Mask For Acne?! Mask of Magnaminty ♡ Demonstration Review

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The Mask of Magnaminty from Lush is designed to help calm break outs and smooth skin. Watch the video above to see my thoughts on the mask (I’ve been using if for 4 years!) and a demonstration on how it works.

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This was not sponsored. All opinions in this video are, as always, my own 🙂

Camera: Sony a5000
Editing: iMovie


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  1. Samantha Melanie 4 months ago

    I also did a review on the Lush Cupcake fresh face mask! 😊

  2. Sore Thumb 4 months ago

    do you have to wash ur face first

  3. Juliana Pereira 4 months ago

    I just went into a Lush store for the first time today. The attendant gave me a sample of this mask and I’m using as I watch this video.

  4. Angie Tentacion 4 months ago

    Is it self-preserving or not because I went on the website and it has two one that’s says just mask of magnemity and one says mask of magnemity self-preserving

  5. Maika Le 4 months ago

    Her skin is gorgeous already… Not sure if the face mask did anything to her naturally beautiful skin.

  6. Vanessa Dedei 4 months ago

    i love this mask! but now i just realized that i use at least twice more product than you do 😂 i also recommend for those who love this mask and keep repurchasing it to buy the big tub, it's less expensive on long term! anyway great video

  7. Sparkle Eva 4 months ago

    just ordered it cant wait to try..especially for my break outs hope it works

  8. Nika 4 months ago

    Mine is diferent…. i took the one that has more honey but still my does not harden at all and it looks more like a fresh mask…yout looks little dryer i dont know why? Maybe bcs of honey?

  9. Nowie Chan 4 months ago

    Help helen smash 😂

  10. Erik 4 months ago

    Your skin looks perfect I am not even kidding

  11. Carla Ibañez 4 months ago

    hi! I would like to know please how often do you use it? loved the video btw!

  12. Florencia García 4 months ago

    you look like a queen! this was also really helpful, ive been wondering if I should buy it and you totally convinced me!

  13. Sabrina Latif 4 months ago

    Does it fade acne scars and get rid of acne and how long does it take?

  14. Ms. Victoria 4 months ago

    When you use this on your body, are you supposed to leave it on like a mask or use it like it’s soap?

  15. Brainulator9 4 months ago

    Male U.S. person here. A friend got me this and I haven't used anything yet, let alone this. I feel more comfortable now. Thanks.

  16. Miss Narwhal 4 months ago

    The highlights and gloss on your face is gorgeous!

  17. Miss Mystery 4 months ago

    I’m watching this video after I just bought a bubblegum lip scrub and was given a free sample of the mask

  18. caitlin 4 months ago

    I have this on right now 💗

  19. Emmi Kekarainen 4 months ago

    your skin is rly nice

  20. Emmi Kekarainen 4 months ago

    im getting this! cant wait to try it out

  21. emma 4 months ago

    How often can I use this? Can i use it daily or every other day or just weekly?x

  22. CB H 4 months ago

    you have the features of a disney princess

  23. grace odonnell 4 months ago

    how often would you use this mask? once a week? everyday?

  24. Stella Chong 4 months ago

    I have it on my face right now

  25. Catherine M 4 months ago

    I sure hope it does miracles cause FUCK IT STINKS

  26. Islem cea 4 months ago

    Umm… youre not meant to let it dry on your skin, youre just meant to leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Anyways, Youve got really nice skin 🙂

  27. Karla G 4 months ago

    you have beautiful skin!

  28. Ashley Curry 4 months ago

    Did your acne ever come back after using this?? Just trying to make sure this is worth the money

  29. Amarveer Sidhu 4 months ago

    How often to use this mask

  30. Lamia Sultana 4 months ago

    hlw ur so sweet..
    u can help me..
    actually my skin is oily nd alergi nd pimples have so i can't understand which fashwsh nd maks use..i want to jast clien my face..plz tell me mam???

  31. trash can 4 months ago

    hey ! so i've been using the mask of magnaminty for some months now and i noticed that whenever i wash it off my face, my skin gets all red and kind of hot, i don't know what does that mean ?

  32. juju 4 months ago

    around how long does the small tub and big tub lasts?

  33. Carol Santos 4 months ago

    Hi this is my first time of using this product. can i apply first an pore minimizer toner before applying the mask? and after the mask can i apply an whitening and anti aging cream? and how to use this? everyday or twice a week?

  34. G innyx 4 months ago

    I have a problem, after using the mask, my pores even become larger, more obvious than before~
    Or is it because when I remove it, I wet my face with water and scrub it, make the pores bigger?
    Or should I just rinse it off without scrubbing it?

  35. tyler michaels 4 months ago

    really want to try this mask! just wondering if this mask causes break outs initially as its unclogging pores like most masks do?xx

  36. Kunte Kinte 4 months ago

    How often should i use it a week i used it twice in a row but i heard you should use it too much, thanks.


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