Best of T1 Faker 2019-2020 Montage


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  1. Around 4:59 Faker played with 1 hand, because Fiora keeps taunting Faker and provoking him many times. Showing her that she has no power to take down a Ryze.

  2. i expected this was a good montage, but when 3:59 play appears, i realize u guys are lazy to pick plays from Faker. 3:59 is too trivial compare to other fantasic play from Faker.

  3. I really liked the vid, I don't even know what's the voiceover thing you talk about lol so it didn't bother me at all I think.

  4. "Arguably the Best League of Legends Player of All Time", who else aside from Faker could be considered the Best of All Time?


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