CODE LYOKO ENGLISH – EP01 – Teddy Gozilla


CODE LYOKO – EP01 – Teddy Gozilla

The X.A.N.A super-calculator has mounted another attack against our planet. This time, it has taken control of little Milly’s teddy bear. Milly is a student at the same junior high school our heroes. Not only does the teddy bear come to life and become very aggressive but he grows to be as big as a building before our very eyes. The safety of the whole city is in jeopardy. While Ulrich rushes off to help Yumi, Odd will have to fight on Lyoko alone – with Jeremy acting as his moral support and guide – so that their virtual friend Aelita can foil the X.A.N.A’s attack. In the meantime, Yumi and Ulrich, with Milly in tow, will have to pull off something pretty amazing if they want to escape the giant teddy bear’s terrible grips.


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