CODE LYOKO ENGLISH – EP53 – Straight to heart


CODE LYOKO – EP53 – Straight to heart

A new school year begins. Back from their relatively quiet summer vacation, our heroes quickly find themselves back at odds with XANA. The diabolical artificial intelligence has raised the stakes with a new strategy of attack: wipe Lyoko off the digital map by destroying a sphere located in a yet undiscovered chamber in Sector 5. In effect, to rip out the heart of the virtual world itself! Meanwhile, Odd finds to his dismay that he is not in the same class as Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita. What a disaster! But Odd also stumbles across a little-known tidbit of historical information from Jim’s past that might help him out: Jim once starred in a disco dance film… and the gym teacher doesn’t want the students at Kadic Academy to find out. Armed with this secret, Odd decides to blackmail Jim to get himself reassigned into his friends’ class…


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