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In this video Dota PIT LORD Beyond GODLIKE gameplay
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About Hero

Pit Lord, Vrogros, the Underlord, is a melee strength hero whose commanding presence is crucial to his team’s success. With his long-lasting abilities, Underlord is able to control wide areas of the battlefield during teamfights and skirmishes. Raining down damage from afar with Firestorm, he clears out creeps and discourages enemies from approaching. With his ultimate, Dark Rift, he can teleport his entire team across the map, taking enemies by surprise, pushing in lanes while the other team is dead or out of position. He can also use it as an escape mechanism, bringing himself and his own team to safety in a dicey situation. Enemies’ base attack damage are reduced around Underlord by his Atrophy Aura, making him and his team far more durable when dealing with physical damage. The aura also provides him with damage with the death of nearby enemy creeps and heroes, making him an excellent laner and a strong pusher after a won teamfight as well. One of the best area disables in the game, Pit of Malice presents a very large obstacle for enemies, especially melee attackers. With it, Underlord can repeatedly ensnare multiple enemies at once, making him a potent and disruptive opponent in any teamfight.

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  1. Watched again so fun OMG 0:51 MARVIN GEROF IM DEMON MOONLIGHT. Best only NUM 1 game win losing always victory COMEBACK NOW. Another with all players BALTA played in old videos never gets boring.

  2. Who teach you oh how they know the build of every hero you should join tournaments because your like a legend

  3. Made radiance 13 mins triple kill didn't know PITLORD use so aggressive nice one NAGA SIREN LONE DRUID please lovin to play godlike another.

  4. Another nice game, what comedy how did BALTA dude unit responce clapping, legacy of DOTA made for come back now underrate believe be popular hey if you unlie your weak poor noob can you make another channel video like BALTAZARTV my phone rings like VIEWS=LIKES IM PITLORD. go LICH NAGA SIREN RAZOR LONE DRUID another hard game thanks. smart unphony awesome 1 hour wicked sick balance team

  5. Lmfao the noob necro in the beginning.. U juke the fuck outta him and Bara was enjoying the kill lmfao.. All of his teammate was like "wtf dude just back already"

  6. Sand king not supportive enough in this game.. PA , bara , huskar should be carry but u own them with pit lord.. ggwp


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