DRAGONS are now UNSTOPPABLE! Town Hall 13 Level 8 Dragon Attacks (Clash of Clans)


New Level Dragon Attacks at TH13 in Clash of Clans.

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  1. Judo yeah use the builder potions on the TH , use the book on lev 4 then hammer the lev 5( ready for the cwl then )

  2. Can I just say that there is an attack I’m using at the moment that needs no strategy,apart from making a funnel,that’s took me from a rubbish player up to 5600.

  3. Judo every times I view your video and practice, today attack in war MAX defence i get 3 star 👍

  4. I did dragons first I think, can't remember why, think itsu recommended them as good for farming dark. I did e drags too…. No idea why as I hate them 😂


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