Financial Aid Application Introduction


Fulbright University Vietnam offers need-based financial aid to enable students, regardless of their ability to pay, to attend FUV. This is a unique approach to financial aid where financial aid packages are solely determined by a student’s financial need, and do not take into account academic merit.
While need-based financial aid is a concept that was pioneered in and has a long tradition in the US, FUV is the first university to bring this concept to Vietnam. We are doing so for two reasons. First, we believe that students from across Vietnam and beyond, and from across the socioeconomic spectrum, should have the opportunity to attend FUV. Second, a diverse student body is crucial in order to provide a transformative student experience.
We understand that there are many families who can afford to pay for their children to attend FUV and there are many families who cannot. For parents who can afford to do so, we ask that they contribute toward their child’s education, and thereby invest in their most important priority — their child’s future. For parents who cannot afford the FUV tuition and fees, FUV’s need-based financial aid program — which is made possible by the generous contributions of philanthropic donors from Vietnam and the United States — will ensure that a student’s financial circumstances do not prevent the student from pursuing a FUV education. In the end, our hope is that all of our students will capitalize on the opportunities offered to them at FUV, become good and productive citizens of society, and in time pay it forward by supporting the next generation.
Because every VND of financial aid offered to an applicant is one VND of financial aid not offered to another applicant, FUV’s financial aid program can only be successful if applicants are transparent about their financial circumstances. In order to ensure that this is the case, FUV will carefully review and verify your financial aid application. If at any time — including even after the applicant has enrolled at FUV — we find that an applicant has misrepresented their family’s financial circumstances, FUV will rescind the applicant’s financial aid package and admission to FUV.
Finally, we expect all students who receive financial aid to participate enthusiastically in campus life at FUV, including maintaining a baseline level of academic performance and upholding the FUV Code of Conduct. In addition, once students have enrolled at FUV, we will encourage them to publicly share their FUV experience, including the impact that FUV’s financial aid program has had in helping them pursue an education at FUV.


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