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Game Theory & Philosophy: Why You Will Watch This:
Every decision you make right now is the result of your past actions, from tiny things like watching this video, writing a comment to important matters like marriage, career choices…. We’re always facing crossroads like that through out our life, do your choice based on your free-will or it’ve been determined since the birth of universe? Follow Omega, Beta and Xi and find out about Prisoner’s Dilemma and Newcomb’s problem – two famous mathematical subjects, to see how philosophers and mathematicians look at fate and to reach your own conclusion. Do your choice really yours?

This video won’t exist without insight from the written works of author, screenwriter and blogger Greg Hickey, including the Book of the Year-nominated dystopian fiction novel Our Dried Voices. His books are available on Amazon.

– Our Dried Voices:
– The Friar’s Lantern:
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  2. Excellent Video, but also add subtitles in Spanish for globalization issues. The channel would be more than perfect.

  3. Can you explain your system to me? Your about section makes you sound like non-Americans because the English is imperfect. This seems even more likely based off of the convenient 'gimmick' your channel employs: monsters "new" to earth learning about its concepts but you're really the ones teaching us. Then, I'm guessing you animate the videos, write the scripts, and pay voice actors to edit and/or narrate…. I'm not sure.

  4. Luôn luôn sáng tạo, lý thú và bổ ích !!!!
    Hy vọng kênh sẽ nổi tiếng trong tương lai !!!
    Theo dõi và luôn support kênh !!!!

  5. Wonderful and helpful video … Upload more regularly …

    P.S. what softwares do you use for these animations. I myself want to make videos like these

  6. your vids look really proffesional man. enjoyed it alot keep it up man, i would think that you would have more subs


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