GTA 5 – 100% Completion Guide

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Grand Theft Auto V PC – Walkthrough Guide for attaining the 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto V [1080p and 60 frames-per-second]

GTA V PC Side Missions Playlist:


0:03 – Info & Rewards
1:54 – 100% Requirements

2:04 – Storyline

3:14 – Tonya (Strangers & Freaks)
3:44 – Hao (Strangers & Freaks)
4:14 – Beverly aka Paparazzo (Strangers & Freaks)
4:44 – Dreyfuss (Strangers & Freaks)
5:14 – Barry – Grass Roots (Strangers & Freaks)
5:44 – Mary-Ann – Exercising Demons (Strangers & Freaks)
6:14 – Omega (Strangers & Freaks)
6:44 – Dom (Strangers & Freaks)

7:14 – Random Events

7:44 – Win a medal in all challenges in Shooting Range (Hobbies & Pastimes)
7:59 – Win at Tennis (Hobbies & Pastimes)
8:14 – Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par (Hobbies & Pastimes)
8:29 – Win at Darts (Hobbies & Pastimes)
8:44 – Get a private dance at the Strip Club (Hobbies & Pastimes)
8:59 – Complete all Base and Heli Jumps (Hobbies & Pastimes)
9:14 – Win a medal in all Street Races (Hobbies & Pastimes)
9:29 – Win a medal in all Offroad Races (Hobbies & Pastimes)
9:44 – Win a medal in all Sea Races (Hobbies & Pastimes)
9:59 – Win a medal in all Triathlons (Hobbies & Pastimes)
10:14 – Win a medal in all Flight School challenges (Hobbies & Pastimes)

10:29 – Purchase 5 Properties (Miscellaneous)
10:44 – Purchase a vehicles from a website (Miscellaneous)
10:59 – Collect 50 Spaceship Parts (Miscellaneous)
11:14 – Collect 50 Letter Scraps (Miscellaneous)
11:29 – Walk and play fetch with Chop (Miscellaneous)
11:44 – Complete a Booty Call (Miscellaneous)
11:59 – Receive a Prostitute Service (Miscellaneous)
12:14 – Hold Up a Store (Miscellaneous)
12:29 – Complete 25 of 50 Under the Bridge challenges (Miscellaneous)
12:44 – Complete 8 of 15 Knife Flights challenges (Miscellaneous)
12:59 – Complete 25 of 50 Stunt Jumps challenges (Miscellaneous)
13:14 – Visit the Cinema (Miscellaneous)

13:29 – Visit a Bar, the Cinema, the Strip Club and play Darts with a friend (Friends Activities)


Related Achievement Trophy:
● Career Criminal – Attain 100% Game Completion.


Video recorded on: PC with all settings maxed out


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  1. Liam Tennyson 4 months ago

    I can't seem to get the last dom mission and the game thinks I didn't do the 3rd one

  2. GTA V Things 4 months ago

    I did fücking everything and still it says i need to do 1 hobbies and pastimes som1 please help

  3. Me Against the world 4 months ago

    Too much just to see a fucking ufo. All this time I been wasting my time doing strangers and freaks for every character when I could of just been doing Franklin's smh…..

  4. Jack Lancaster 4 months ago

    My 100 percent is things not included with 100%

  5. LJ Corner 4 months ago

    Look I did everything in GTA V and I got everything completely but for some reason my strangers and freaks is 17% but I did all the strangers and freaks so what the hell is goin on!!?

  6. Youtu5 Ferdinatf 4 months ago

    Where do u get the 100% shirt wtf

  7. TheOneIndieGamer 4 months ago

    Got 100% today. I don’t even know if it was worth it anymore

  8. SHIFT VELOCITY 4 months ago

    Anyone notice the FIB logo on the UFO

  9. anthony 4 months ago

    This took me a 1 month

  10. nedas gameris 4 months ago

    dang what if i killed Trevor? 😳

  11. John Meise 4 months ago

    Thanks for the spoilers at the beginning…wtf?

  12. Luka Mukić 4 months ago

    4:22 family friendly

  13. Deejay CAT 4 months ago

    I'm about to watch this guide and finish it 100%, for the third time! When i'll fill all the save games GTA 6 will come out i'm sure

  14. Ryder Torres 4 months ago

    do you need to buy all properties as well?

  15. Hamza destroyer 4 months ago

    Gta San has better 100% complication rewards, u get sooo many perks and awesome perks, worth ur time…

  16. Beamz 4 months ago

    Do you have to do all of the activities listed for the hang out miscellaneous mission

  17. Thug PB PlayZ 4 months ago


  18. Shylandvsp 4 months ago

    i have 70%

  19. Shylandvsp 4 months ago

    wait you don’t need to do it with all characters??

  20. OMG_its_TexMex ! 4 months ago

    2020 and I’m at 77.5% completion
    I’m gonna get this done later than sooner but I will. Def before GTA VI (gta 6) come out

  21. Biohazzart21 4 months ago

    Yo I thought the same thing

  22. Biohazzart21 4 months ago

    That's so cool

  23. Flavoryleek720 4 months ago

    I’m at 98% but I’m stuck on hobbies and pastimes 35/42 I’m trying to find out what they are and I did everything in the video

  24. Wihns 4 months ago

    I complete 92%

  25. Ali Ammar 4 months ago

    By when you say just win a medal do you mean a gloden medal or any medal

  26. Heck You 4 months ago

    The pistol and the MG challenges are the hardest part about this I really wanted 100%

  27. Tu Hermana 4 months ago

    HABLO ESPAÑOL Like.😷👍😈😈😈

  28. Chris Boris 4 months ago

    Whats the bootycall number pls

  29. Andrea Martinisi 4 months ago

    I've done the 5 match on the road, 6 on the dirt and 4 in the sea. The game don't me done the stranger and freak of Hao. Why?!?!?

  30. Karnveer Basra 4 months ago

    The last Tonya and Barry mission aren’t showing up

  31. Marine Corps1775 4 months ago

    Do you have to get at least one gold medal in flight school and the shooting range? Or is all bronze fine?


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