GTA: Vice City Remastered Intro (fan-made)


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City turned 14 last week. This video re-imagines the introductory scenes of the 2002 video game as if it was remastered.

Special thanks to Tim Palylyk and Yury Korabelnikov.

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How this video was made:

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Welcome to the ’80s

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  1. I have "remastered" the finale of the game in a similar fashion recently:

  2. I still don’t know what he meant by used tens and twenties does that mean it had been used in drug deals before perhaps?

  3. i think it'll be good if a developer makes a video game with this style,it looks like mix from old gen and current gen

  4. 1. Sanandreas
    2. GTA 4
    3. Vice City
    4. Vice City Stories
    5. GTA Liberty City Stories
    6. GTA 5
    7. GTA 3
    My Top Rated GTA Games y’all agreed?


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