How To Download and Install Google Play Store on PC/Laptop For Absolutely Free

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How To Download and Install Google Play Store on PC/Laptop For Absolutely Free

Ever wondered that how could you get each and every app on your PC or laptop which you use on your android mobile phone? The channel “How To” demonstrates and explains the easiest method to get Google app play store on your desktop for free by downloading a simple software named “Bluestacks”.

Just watch the entire video tutorial till the end to download Google app play store in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 for free on your desktop and feel free to ask any of the questions you got while downloading and installation & give a thumbs up to the video.

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The step by step instructions to download Bluestacks and get android app play store absolutely free on your PC or laptop are completely described in the short video tutorial. Here re some written instructions of it:
1. Download “BlueStacks” from the official website mentioned in the video.
2. Install Bluestacks and then you can download and enjoy any app on your PC from the play store which you use on your android phone.

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How To Download and Install Google Play Store on PC/Laptop For Absolutely Free


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  1. How To 5 months ago

    Enjoyed the video? Subscribe, Give it a Thumbs Up and Comment Below.

    ("How To" actually reads EVERY single legit comment from his loyal fans)

  2. shanmugam sengoden 5 months ago

    It works awesome thank you bro…😍😍😍

  3. my vlogs 5 months ago

    it does nott start on my windows 10 showing message that the start engine has failed

  4. Anime Lovers 5 months ago

    Thank you so much.This video really hepled

  5. inthesar azam 5 months ago

    Hi bro ! They are saying there was a communicating problem with google server

  6. parishmita das 5 months ago

    hey, Meine bluestacks download kara tha or thik bhi chal raha tha but 1month ke baad bluestacks start hi nhi ho raha hai restart engine dikhay de raha hai. aab mein kya karuu ?

  7. khurshid dar 5 months ago

    The other hand is the first 1 to the right to the new year to

  8. OutdoorLover 5 months ago

    great video… i have a problem of downloading on my laptop.But evrytime I install it keeps appearing on my mobile phone not on my laptop.

  9. Ririko Koharu 5 months ago

    Waw, the music….

  10. FIAN Bastian 5 months ago

    Is this app free?

  11. Pøźź Tøch Gamer 5 months ago

    My laptop can’t run it

  12. GAMINGwithFRANKI 5 months ago

    does this work on a schools loptop plz tell me thxs

  13. Mahesh Kumar 5 months ago

    Nahi ho raha hai

  14. Zahin Zawad 5 months ago

    You are so clever

  15. Sunny Schmidt 5 months ago

    is there a way to install the play store seperately from the bluestacks thing? only want the play store nothing else next to it

  16. Malali Otak 5 months ago

    Thank you

  17. Cw fany SHOWS Edits 5 months ago

    Do u have to keep blue stacks installed or can you delete it

  18. Apurba Deka 5 months ago

    Windows 10 mae kam karega ke nai Bhai????

  19. Texas Gates & Fence 5 months ago

    Bluestacks will download, but will not install on Surface Pro X. Anyone know what needs to be turned on or off in Windows 10? FYI, ( I had no clue ) Surface Pro X is using new cell phone processor. Not Intel………..

  20. A Modak 5 months ago

    Yes now I can download granny chapter two for free on my pc

  21. mohamed alaa alameldin 5 months ago



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