How To Install an M.2 SSD: Installation Tutorial with Samsung 960 Pro M2 SSD Drive

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M.2 solid state drives (SSD) are replacing SATA Gen 3 drives with their insane performance. Learn how to install an M2 drive with this how to / tutorial video!

To install an M.2 Drive do the following. Turn off your PC. Unscrew the small phillips head screw from the proper M.2 slot on your motherboard, make sure you remove the correct screw to accommodate the length of your M2 drive. Insert the M2 drive gently at a 30 degree angle and slowly slide it in until it stops. Then push the drive down flat on the mobo, reinsert the phillips screw, and tighten it down with light force. Then open up your BIOS and ensure the drive is enabled and being read. That’s it! Installing an M.2 SSD is easy and can be done in about 5 minutes.

**NOTE: If your motherboard or SSD comes with an M.2 spacer/standoff you should install it into the motherboard under the screw. Mine was already installed in this video.**

High end M.2 SSD drives are over 6 times faster than the world’s fastest SATA drives! These drives are awesome and I highly recommend them for Windows boot drives, video editing, or any very fast read / write performance applications.
The drive being installed is a Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2 SSD drive into my MSI M7 Gaming Desktop motherboard. Links to the 960 pro and the lower cost, but still very fast Samsung 960 Evo are below.

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  1. Diego Vinicius 4 months ago

    gg can put the freaking screw in the mother board, too small

  2. Faisal Burhan 4 months ago

    thanks mates! ur video straight to the point! subs there for u!

  3. Jose Milian 4 months ago

    the m.2 placement part is confusing no clue how to read the charts my manual has or what the explanation they provide means.

  4. swineboi pigriderinthesky. 4 months ago

    what about the thermal plate that fits over the drive?

  5. Andy S 4 months ago

    is it possible to install more then one of these?

  6. Yassir Ghanim 4 months ago

    shaggy from scooby doo?

  7. Derkasaurus 4 months ago

    ESD bracelets don't work

  8. Claudiu B. 4 months ago

    1. Why you touch the SSD with your bare hands? you could easily grab it by the sides

    2. Why don't you show in Windows how the SSD is detected/what we have to do in order to be detected?

  9. Jenners 4 months ago

    Wow thanks!

  10. Default Profile Picture 4 months ago

    my screwdrivers are a little magnetic… do I avoid those kinds of screwdrivers?

  11. Habip Ayman3 4 months ago

    Hey, me and my brother did it and a new drive appeared with 500GB space opened now did it work or it just opened 500GB

  12. Twiz 4 months ago

    My motherboard doesn’t have a screw already in it where the m.2 slot is. Where can I get one

  13. Breakout 4 months ago

    Came for tutorial, subscribed since you did it in 2:40 rather than stretch the video out to 10 minutes.

  14. Veto 4 months ago

    Can I ask why you got the pro over the plus?

  15. Mohammadkarim Tahmasbi 4 months ago

    You gave that info in less than 3 minutes? Damn, man!

  16. dyerk 4 months ago

    Thank you very much for mentioning that the SSD rests at an angle. I thought mine was broken/bent. Thanks!!!!!

  17. schlepers 4 months ago


  18. Pamsandu1 4 months ago

    Hi ive installed a m.2 evo plus into my gv72 7rd msi gaming laptop but can't seem to boot from it even though the clone seems successful and i can acess it. i used the samsung data migration program. Is there a fix for this?

  19. jojorobino5312 4 months ago

    What if the ssd doesnt spring up like that and stay at 30 degrees? Mine just kind of went in and stayed flat pretty much

  20. Mochamad Aditya Wibisana 4 months ago

    Yo, i just want to asked that if you use the ssd in the first m.2 slot like what you did in the vids, can you still use the 1x pcie slot next to the ssd together? Thank you!

  21. Daniele 4 months ago

    is really this easy to install the m2 ssd??

  22. DERPENBERG 4 months ago

    960 Evo Pro. Man has taste.

  23. Ethan Neuner 4 months ago

    No cables??

  24. t.tv_apoeflo 44 4 months ago

    Casually does it on carpet

  25. Giocherellone 4 months ago

    Incredibile and fast technology for me! 🥰

  26. Guest 227 4 months ago

    1000th comment!

  27. Ali Mir 4 months ago

    Very perfectly fit with innocence and smartness thanks will get m.2 asap i have b450 board, and do need to make any bios change or let be default and can sata drive and m.2 both works read same time lastly were to install windows m.2 or sata.

  28. Napster Sneaks 4 months ago

    HELP! I have gigabyte aorus Pro WiFi motherboard and it has 2 M.2 slots. Idk where to put my M.2 ssd. (My ssd is same as yours btw, 1 notch). Should I put it at the top or the bottom slot?

  29. z 4 months ago

    Nice vid, I was expecting the first result to be 10+ mins of rambling with a loud dubstep intro.

  30. Golden Chicken Leg 4 months ago

    how long is the ssd in cm?

  31. ImWolfpup 4 months ago

    What screwdriver should I use? I'm sorry I'm unsure if I should stick with my #2 screwdriver or use a #1.

  32. lullu murali 4 months ago

    What if u have no screw

  33. Husnain Haider 4 months ago

    Is 1tb SATA with 16gb optane memory “OR” 1tb SATA with 128gb m.2 ssd fast which one is the best!!"

  34. ohMARVIN 4 months ago

    So its storage and not memory?


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