How To Make A Working Bed Wars Map IN VANILLA


Full map►

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  1. If you download the FULL map there's no need to do any of these sets as everything is set up. Downloading just the datapack is for people who want to make a bedwars map, or any map really, have working bedwars.

  2. i finished setting everything up but it won't let me start, I got no message when I finished and the eggs don't disappear when I use them all up, i'm on a custom map so there is no sign either

  3. Milez plz help me i cant get it. it shows STOP – there might be a problem with the requested lin. wha is going on plzzzz read thisssssss.

  4. Milez Plzzzz Help me. I cant Get The Datapack. My minecraft Verison is 1.14.60 I cant download it plzz milez it only shows this. STOP – there might be a problem with the requested link

  5. I have solved the issue but when i click on the teams in chat it says "you cannot trigger this objective yet"

  6. I did everything, but nothing is going into my inventory. I'm on 1.15.2 should I use a different version? Somebody help please!

  7. This is for help for the people who can't figure it out when you click on the data pack link in the des you click on the bed war data pack paid link you skip the ad and don't click allow for notification on the ad keep doing until you get the download file.When you have done it you open 1.13.2 Minecraft create a world when it finishes loading it leave and click on the work again press edit in the left then press word folder delete everything in it and open the bed war data pack and copy everything inside of it and paste it in the world folder then load back in then press the start sign you don't have to set it up it. Also work on LAN btw. If you have any question just replies

  8. When i type /tag it gives me the items but they dissapear immediately and only remove items thing is left.

  9. Do you know of anyway i can toggle the main spawn on and off. For example i have a vanilla server but i would like to put this mini game on it in a far away place so when ever we all get on i could use a command to perhaps spawn all of the players to the arena. because i don't want the bed wars spawn as the main world spawn

  10. When I do the initial command, all the eggs disappear the moment they spawn in. I'm in 1.13.2. Otherwise the concept is amazing. any help so I can also enjoy this creation

  11. Actually, you can do anything using just vanilla command blocks and a little bit of knowledge how do some minecraft commands work.

  12. datapack… datapacks… ugh… I'm trying to make it full Vanilla, not only vanilla cause of no mods , but no datapacks too.


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