How to replace 🔧 digitizer & display Nokia X2 DUAL SIM RM 1013


How to replace 🔧 digitizer & display Nokia X2 DUAL SIM by himself.
Removal touch screen and LCD Nokia RM 1013 at home with a minimal set of tools.

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  1. my LCD DISPLAY is OK, i just bought only the DIGITIZER ITSELF, my concern is if there is any chances we can separate the DIGITIZER to its LCD???

  2. I bought my Nokia X3-02 in 2011. It worked well for 11 months and in the 12th month, its touchscreen stopped working. It was under warranty so I went to Nokia service centre and they changed the Touch screen Digitizer.

    It worked well for few days and meanwhile its warranty expired. Now it has the same problem and the touch screen doesn't work at all. So, I put the phone back to the phone and started using my other phone.

    after 2-3 days, I thought that I should take the phone to the service centre, so removed the batter and inserted the SIM card. I started the phone and touch screen was working fine. I thought, I am lucky as the touch screen is working now. But after few hours probably 3-4, the touch screen stopped working again. Quite weird behaviour.

    So, if i put the phone to off for around 1 day and starts using it again then the touch works and after few hours it stops working again. I don't get what could be wrong.

    I went to service centre again and they said, they would firstly change the touch screen ( price INR 1500) and after that they could comment on the phone's behaviour.

    So I am not sure what should I do? I feel that problem is somewhere else than the touch screen.

    Can any of you suggest on this?
    ———amol vairagad

  3. my phone's display is ok so i bought the "screen" alone. but im having trouble installing it since the display is so attached to the screen. any advice?


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