How to use Files app to save files locally in your iPhone/ iPad


iOS 11 comes with a new built in files manager called Files.

It connects all your cloud services like iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox etc into one place, but it goes far beyond that by offering the ability to save files locally too, and enable access from other apps.

At iOS 11 GM it is not a straightforward as it was supposed to. Trying to save a file locally is not enable out of the box, since option “On my iPhone” cannot be in chosen…

Visiting Files app and trying to access local storage is not an option

Even though it is not clear whether this is intentional or not, Apple offers a workaround. All we have to do is download an app from their office suit, let’s say Pages .

Now a folder is created locally handling Pages’ files. We can access it from sharing menu, but not from Files app unless we save our first file locally.

The ability to create folder in root folder is not able yet, but we can do so inside Pages folder.

From now on we have save files locally in our custom folder!

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  1. Are there any other apps besides Pages? My phone is really old and I can’t update it because it will start crashing (its half way there already) if not then I’ll deal lmao

  2. Hi, how do I transfer files from my PC running on Windows 10 to my iPhone XS – these files are music files, pictures, MS Word, PDF files. I don't want to transfer everything but only selectively transfer certain folders from PC to iphone. I want to transfer those folders in which these files are stored, as well. Thanks….

  3. To tell the truth
    This is the only video I have ever watched which is helpful on all youtube
    Am subscribing forever
    Lv u soooooooo muchhhhhh

  4. Thank you sooooo much!! I have been stressing over this problem ever since I got an Iphone, but thanks to this video, i can finally use my iphone without a problem!!


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