Install LUMION 10 + CRACK


it is an open version and the 7 days are just a number

-lumion 10 + crack :


-μTorrent Web :

-Does Lumion work on my current computer?

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  1. hi sir. thank you for sharing this. I installed the Lumion 10, however, I couldn't open it. It's always says, NOT RESPONDING. Your advice is badly needed. Thank you.

  2. Hi, my computer detect a trojan virus, so I can't start it, how I can beat that virus and work with the software?

  3. Doesn't work i followed every step .After all it says connection failure , even the crack its placed correctly.

  4. and this is the virus total result :

  5. Hello can you tell me which program shall i install in order to extract files from Lumion as u did because i didnt know how to do it!!

  6. it was opened and just i restart my laptop and turn on windows security it not able to open any more and show error message !!! what can i do now ???

  7. I did not understand . Should I turn off the internet and install the software? When to turn it on again.?

  8. goodmorning i have a problem , not find the programm icon at the steps, when you find on computer's app ?
    can you help me ?


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