INTING Sion! What makes it so Strong? | Adventures of Spicynoodle264 [ Episode 43 ]


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Today we take a deeper look into “Int” Sion and what makes it strongweak. You’ll get to see my opinion on the build and things to avoid doing when playing INT Sion. Hope you enjoy the video
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  1. you need an crazy healing team and to die as sion then have your team keep him alive as much as possible while he cleans the lane

  2. It's funny because the only 2 streamers that has beaten this strategy is Trick2g and Sirhcez

    You can't beat the one who can really open the gates

  3. I played inting Sion, it got me out of Bronze… When I played inting Sion, I really don't feed and suicide
    Usually I do really good at laning, cs, damage, trade and push… And I am the one whose fed… I don't suicide at the right though
    I suicide almost all the time. I dealt more damage when they proc my Sterak's, but I do even more damage once its gone, cause I'm dead by that time, undead mode gave my team a huge comeback, and gave me one fat and juicy Pentakill

  4. i think if they will feeding and you do tht they can come back cause the super minions giving extra golda and then they can all be strong so if you play it good it will be the best i think

  5. I always called it “Split Push Sion,” which is my standard Sion. But I was also Silver sooo…. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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