[Kalimba Cover] Love that Transcend Time – Inuyasha by Amalia Guo

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What is your favorite old anime? Mine is Inuyasha! 🐕👺

Kalimba : Gecko K17MEQ Kalimba (African Mahogany)
Where to buy this Kalimba?

(with hardcase)

Q : Where can I download / find your tabs?
A : I’ve made Telegram Channel, I’ve posted all my tabs there. You may join if you’re interested 🙂

Q: I don’t have Telegram, how can I get the tabs?
A: Email me at yanliguo@yahoo.co.id, I do check emails, will reply to you soon!

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  1. lala bertha 4 months ago

    Perfect !! 👍😍

  2. Doloopz art and tech 4 months ago

    Futari no kimochi 😍😍 buat nemenin tidur enak bgt…


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