LOST CAT ([MV] BOL4(볼빨간사춘기) _ Leo(나비와 고양이) (feat. BAEKHYUN(백현)) Reaction)


🥺 So cute…
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  1. This song is amazing 😍😍…also react to baekhyun and Suzy song 'dream'..it is sooo beautiful song…you should react to it

  2. Oh, I am shookt that you know Bol4…and their voices blended so well together…perfect👍👍👍👍

  3. This collab is a long-time coming imo. A few years ago, when asked about what artist he would like to work with, Baekhyun mentioned being a fan of Bol4. And then I remember something about someone asking Jiyoung about it and her saying she’d love to. So when I heard about this song, I got sooooo excited

  4. Fyi BOL4 once said they would not collab with anyone (maybe because of unique voice) but when this song came out, their voices blend so well together.

  5. Actually this song name in Korean means “Cat and Butterfly” and Jiyoung is acting the cat in the MV, you’re right that Jiyoung is the lost cat in MV. “Leo” is the name of Jiyoung’s cat and this song inspires by how her cat loved to look at butterfly. This is a pre-released song, also a double tittle of her new album.


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