24 thoughts on “Man Utd Cancel Pogba Return! Man Utd News Now

  1. Maybe too many complications to allow this season to be finished.
    what players might get it. Will families of the players get it.
    All the support staff that goes into football.
    No one has played for a while, maybe no training.
    Then new season to start September.
    Everything would be different if last bit of season was during summer.
    Complex times.
    Maybe easiest thing is to just forget season.

  2. Mark if you play behind closed doors then the results makes you wonder if the results would be different if played with fan's present?

  3. The flu effects far more people yearly and kills hundreds of thousands yearly. Do we stop the world for it? This crap has overreaction written all over it.

  4. I have deleted everything about Pogba in my list, please talk important people like Matic who are here to help the team, we beat city home away, Chelsea home away, we dont need him

  5. I always say this guy has to seat down and organise his contents, you speak rumours not issues necessary to inform your subscribers.

  6. Absolute rubbish that footballers can’t train together. It is the equivalent of discouraging people from going to work because they might fall ill.

  7. In a season where looserpool are supposed to win title first time since last century they will cancell season haha

  8. There's so little to watch regarding utd atm, I find myself watching the United stand 😖 what has life come to 😭

  9. Just get rid of Pogba for the best price and good luck on that one? De Gea only stayed as no one wanted him nor his wages ?

  10. You could consider doing bios on each player Mark.
    Plus players have private gyms st home. The coach just has to order daily 20k runs to keep fit.

    Regarding Pogba,deciding to stay might not be the right term. Its more like he's stuck.

  11. Get rid of the man. He isNOT United quality. Since Pogba joined United I have had this feeling that he is causing trouble/tension in the dressing room. We have done reasonably well wihout him – we dont need this showman – sell him to one of the theatre companies on the west end. No club in europe seems to want him. HE IS BAD NEWS. COMMENT BY Sid Allen South Africa

  12. I'm not from the UK, so does this mean that everyone there is now in self isolation? I presume the training that was government cancelled would have involved about 40 people, so is that now too many people to gather together? How does that reflect on any other workplace? Are other businesses also forbidden to work together if there is the potential for physical contact between colleagues? Training can be organised that doesn't involve physical contact by working on cardio vascular endurance and strength which is better done in groups than individually. Where has the UK government drawn the line on all of this?

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