Microsoft Lumia 435 unboxing and first impressions

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Cam unboxes Microsoft’s latest budget smartphone. The Lumia 435 comes loaded with the Windows Phone 8.1 and will be updated to Windows 10 once the OS is released. It also continues the tradition of good-looking and well-built devices for budget-conscious consumers. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon UK for just £88, and for that money, it’s a steal.

Specs include:

4-inch WVGA screen, 480×800 resolution (233ppi)
1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor
8GB storage, expandable to 128GB
30GB free OneDrive storage
1,560mAh battery
2MP rear camera with 480p video
0.3MP front facing camera
Windows Phone 8.1
As with many budget phones, the box doesn’t come with many goodies inside. The Lumia 435 ships with a removable 1,560mAh battery, a power adapter and the usual instructions/quick start guide. All in a relatively small box.

Saying that, the phone itself feels solid in hand, even if it is a little on the chunky side. It’s easy to grip in one palm and could make a great option for the low-end of the market. More time with the device is needed to gather our full thoughts. In the mean time, if you’d like us to test anything specific for the review, let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Ememobong Nkana 5 months ago

    Got this in 2015; it was quite boring compared to my Android phone with a shitty camera. It's still in my possession but no longer my staple phone.

  2. Mlgamer21 5 months ago

    Lumia = Poor's man iPhone

  3. Rainbow LPS 5 months ago

    Getting this phone! My mom will order a new phone for my birthday at June,20 im so exited! The price is 57.54€

  4. Jerry. 123 dead bird 5 months ago

    this phone rocks .. 😘

  5. Jei X 5 months ago

    My friend has this but I have a iPhone 6s

  6. DMN Kanda Sorata 5 months ago

    my friend is getting this I have the lumia 535

  7. dragon 71 5 months ago

    i've had this phone for 5 months i realy like it. I prefer this over android any day

  8. 5 months ago

    I love this phone 🙂 .

  9. TechFrank 5 months ago

    This phone is poor. I rather get Samsung galaxy amp prime phone.

  10. Nish Bia 5 months ago

    i have this phone and i love it !

  11. نورسان جهاد 5 months ago

    نفس موبايلي

  12. Amir Hamzah 5 months ago

    this or s7

  13. sakkir choudhury 5 months ago

    this phone is shit x

  14. rohit dalvi 5 months ago

    What a cute phone😍😍😍😍

  15. h1mb 5 months ago

    Friend has this and for a fifty it's actually quite beefy, I mean like 1gb RAM for that price mate? You also get 8gb hard but a shitty 2mp camera and Snapdragon 200, but once again for fifty pounds that's excellent. But it's Windows. My current phone (Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen) personally I think is better in terms of specs and quality for seventy-eighty pounds, but if ya want a cheap Windows Phone there you go mate.

  16. WonderWhaz 5 months ago

    Worst cell phone I've ever owned.

  17. Alexander Wood 5 months ago


  18. Luca Taylor 5 months ago

    Good For#You. He}a. regular burly What's your opinion about tjat

  19. Ash Faq 5 months ago

    Does it have a notification light?

  20. Blanca Amezcua 5 months ago

    I ave an I pone, an Android and this cheap 35 dollar Walmart Family Mobile phone powered by T mobile. I'm staying with This Microsoft Lumia 435 phone. The I phone I had was through Verizon and paid 500 for the phone and 182 dollars a mo. Just like the stupid ass….pardon my French guys Mercedes Bens Kompresor and it is just like an expensive girl that if you date her you will be broke or in debt. Lol. Not fun Will never recommend. The Android is Fun and always easy to use like a pair of Nike's when have you ever bought a bad pair of Nike's? Never, so this Android is never bad, always affordable I will alays recommend, Now this 35 dollar wall mart phone does everything an I phone and Android can do at an affordable price. Now I pay a one time monthly fee of 35 dollars through wall mart t mobile not like with Verizon Verizon is just like Direct Tv or Dish and I reffer to hidden fees and the bill always go up and up and up. Ass ^^#@!#$. If you are rich and you spend more than what you make you are still poor. That's a Fact. Now purchase like a poor to live like a rich person. You will become rich or at least out of debt. Had to share my sincere thoughts LOL. I just read the book "TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR MONEY" BY DAVE RAMSEY. So I esteem you guys enough to share. Thank you guys.

  21. Fiat500Lover 5 months ago

    i might get one just to play around with. i use android and i will stay put in android tho most likely. currently using a Nexus 5 and an Asus Zenfone 2

  22. thekiddsean330 5 months ago

    just got this

  23. para sterling 5 months ago

    how much is the cell phone bill

  24. Rubenmon1 5 months ago

    Microsoft should stick to making computers. Cause their phones and the software in them suck. I'm gonna stick to android OS phones. It makes it easier to find what you're looking for and the apps that come with the phones don't lag so much. Also not an apple user, but Siri kicks cortana's ass at the whole doing what you say/ command. She responds to things that aren't questions or search commands.

  25. Crystal Herron 5 months ago

    do it have a front camera??? somebody tell me please..!

  26. Harry Parker 5 months ago

    It Seems. You're Tops! cloistered unequal 11

  27. Neyo Mabote 5 months ago

    Mine switches on and off automatically during the day, how do i fix this problem?

  28. Adam Cook 5 months ago

    About to order mine, a it of a downgrade really, but I need a new phone and this is a really cheap price at £40 now, and I'll probably get a new phone later this year aswell, just need one for the time being

  29. Zedd Sulc 5 months ago

    I baught the phone for R 1500 I'm south African I seem to be enjoying the phone it feels the same to the others like the 820 I like it's specs and features it not a bad phone it's screen feel smooth

  30. JJones Fpv 5 months ago

    Should I get one??

  31. Boxngame 5 months ago

    So I recently brought the phone, but I cant help but wonder why the phone itself did not come with the USB cable to connect to the computer for syncing purposes. Is there places to get a cable from?

  32. Анастасия Юдина 5 months ago

    You did not open the cover of the phone !!! You must first press on the cover and for the vsyatsya corner of the cover and the cover propodnyat.

  33. Ginga Plays 5 months ago

    looks cheap as fuck!

  34. Runa Leahy 5 months ago

    Can everyone stop saying this phone sucks, I'm using one right now and there really good and not laggy at all and fyi not everybody has enough money to splash out on bloody iphone 6s here

  35. ByIsma4 5 months ago

    This nokia don't have a frontal camera.

  36. OHHHBOYYY 5 months ago

    the thing i like most in this phone,is that its the cheapest smartphone but does quiet well…..also it says goodbye when you shut it down so its like a gentlephone lol

  37. Dancing Unicorn 5 months ago

    This is an awesome phone❤
    It had emoji and also I am left handed too and I have no problem typing as I had with my galaxy trend plus. Not to mention its style and also it is speed while surfing the net! It is a great phone for like 80 $.
    My only 2 complains would be the cameras and the range of apps in the store.

  38. Rasetsu Bass 5 months ago

    why the hell do these budget microsoft lumia phones have NO SEPARATE USB CABLE when the Nokia Lumia 520 had 1!!!

  39. Darwin Perez 5 months ago

    it looks sturdy

  40. ahmad mushaffa 5 months ago

    Very nice and simple. Screen size doesnt matter I think it looks great 4inches.

  41. doraluffy 5 months ago

    Please tell me, does this phone has t9 keyboard support?

  42. adriano raffaele 5 months ago

    Having owned the Nokia Lumia 530 and enjoying what the phone had to offer I have looked long and hard at the Lumia range and got the newly released Microsoft Lumia 535 which I believe is the best value Lumia available today as it has a nice large 5" screen with good visibly compared to the 530 as well as more ram and storage better cameras front and rear. And a flash for low light photography. It currenty sells for around £64 unlocked at
    Cpwh in the uk and is my personal choice in this low price bracket range.

  43. Michal Szwed 5 months ago

    it's a bargain!

  44. Kostas 5 months ago

    by LG's standards,this phone could be named "microsoft lumia 535 mini" 

  45. Kumar Siddharth 5 months ago

    Does it has good secondary cam for skype


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