Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review


Microsoft has made a habit of releasing affordable smartphones we can’t help but admire. And the 640 XL is the latest in that long line of budget-friendly devices Cam has no issue in recommending. It’s a solid device that won’t cost the earth.

It features a large 5.7-inch, 720p display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip and a 3,000mAh battery. What’s more, the 13MP Carl Zeiss lens is a brilliant camera for still photography. And this is all in a device that costs less than £200 in the UK. That’s a lower price than the smaller Lumia 830.

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  1. Not a bad phone, screen is large but the screen quality and sensitivity is below the average. In other words, the screen is cheap. I have a Lumia 730 and the screen is much superior, both in colors, resolution and responsiveness. The screen on the 640XL is less responsive and touch sensitivity cannot be changed in the 640XL (the option is absent in the Touch menu). Other than that, a decent large size phone, but keep in mind, even in the Lumia line up, this is a budget phone. The phone is light and thin, easy to keep in hand.

  2. finally my time of owning this phone is coming to an end. ive had it for a couole of years now, started off fine but it didnt take long for the lack of apps to annoy me as everyone else on apple or android was downloading apps and i couldnt! when you cant join in with stuff like snapchat it becomes an issue. there are 3rd party apps that try and make up for this but basically any popular apps arebt available. next the storage gets filled so quick! to only have 8gb of storage aome of which is reserved for operating aystems doeant leave you with much to use. even with a sd card most apps cant be transferred to the sd card. im at the stage and have been for months where my atorage is full and this has a MASSIVE impact on how the phone operates! my phone closes apps down willy nilly, it ahuts the internet down when in the middle of something. it takes ages to acroll through internet pages and emails and closes and goes back to the home screen whenever it wants. there is not enough storage to get updates and i can bot delete anything to make this space! unless i manually go through hundreds of pictures deleting them but the app just throws me out if it anyway! its taken all my will power to avoid smashing this phone up in frustration! me bew nokia 8 arrives tomorrow which i bought last night for £219.99, off john lewis bargain. i know it doesnt compare to the lumia but my god i cant wait to have a much better phone in my hands. the 1gb ram is so slow in this lumia cant wait to have 4gb ram to go from app to app with no problems at all with 64gb storage. ive bever been one to go for phones that are hundreds and hundreds of pounds. i would never have bought the nokia 8 when it came out last year for the price of around £500 but £219.99 for a flagahip phone that on some specs rivala the iphone 7 plus! no brainer. and i cant wait to have stock android instead of these pathetic microsoft apps and 3rd party substitutes. bye bye lumia thanks for the good times ( firat 9 months)

  3. just bought this as a refurb for 50 quid – I know Windows phone is dead but I really liked it and hopefully this device can live on as a sat-nav or home whatsapp and tune-in tablet

  4. Still use it in 2018Bought it 3 yrs agoand its one of the mist durable phonesI have dropped it several timeseven on concrete floors but still the gorilla glass is protecting itThe camera is quiet good but i dont know why the colors are so washed out Sadly 🙁 such a good phone but wish microsoft had continued to develop windows But lack of apps is big problem

  5. $99………..just brought them on Amazon for the XL and the screen size is !!!! 5.7 inch. i think it a pretty damn good deal. they might sale out soon (>..<)

  6. Still using it. Reverted back to 8.1 for the full screen caller ID. Maybe someday ms will open up the source for a custom launcher

  7. I have This phone already 1+ year ,works fine & reliable…Strongest features in this phone are Camera & Audio quality.

  8. Just picked up this phone from Amazon for $64.00 and it is wonderful. Upgraded the os to win 10 and everything is still functioning flawlessly.. Love my phone.

  9. I have this phone , this phone is good for watching movies – videos , using facebook -whatsapp , battery life is awesom , gr8 camera and audio speaker quality … Gaming performance is not good!

  10. I bought it around 6 months ago and with windows 10 running on it you will fall in love with it. This is true love..

  11. You reviewers are all so f*cking stupid when it comes ti displays. 1280×720 on anything smaller than a 7" tablet is more than fine, and megapixels are irrelevant when it comes to cameras. It's about the size of the imaging sensor, not the pixel count.


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