MY Tier List Of My Favorite Dynasty Warriors Characters!!


Yep! I thought I’d make a video to reveal EVERY character that I love, like or don’t like! And of course with reason! Buckle up cause this’ll be a long one!!

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  1. Good video. My top 5 favorite would be
    Sun Jian
    Pang Tong
    Cao Pi
    Dong Zhuo(prefer DW3-5)
    Zhuge Dan. My 5 least favorite would be
    Bao Sanniang
    Xu Zhu
    Lian Shi
    Diao Chan
    Jia Chong(I'm also salty cause he killed my favorite Jin character lol).

  2. My Favorites from each kingdom
    – Sun ce
    – Yue jin
    – Xu shu
    – Wen yang
    – LU BU
    Least Favorites
    – younger Qiao enjoy playing her alot just irritating
    – Xu Zhu actually enjoyed
    playing him in 3 and 4
    – Liu chan just a pussy good moveset though
    – Guo huai just cause
    – Zuo Ci love his moveset but let's face facts why is he even here

  3. Crazy how different every one's opinions are I do disagree with alot in the video but that's why it's your
    vid but I also agree with alot to

  4. Jiang Wei zuo ci zhang Liao gan ning Zhou yu I wanna say lu bu but no reason everyone knows hes just op always has been

  5. Who has my heart ❤️ top 5
    1. Ma Chao (Amazing on horseback)
    2. Zhao Yun (Best Spearman)
    3. Zhou Yu (Pretty Boy with Sword 🗡)
    4. Zhang He ( Fastest character in game)
    5. Lu Meng (I love the Pike)

  6. Your loco!
    You put the characters under the 1st & 2nd(Bottom)!
    D**k!(But thanks for Yuan Shu, always hated him!)

  7. Honestly I think this is a very good list
    I love Xiao but yeah tbh
    She doesn’t really get shown much so completely understandable
    But all the others I loved you did to! 🖤😂

  8. Always felt like I was in the minority with loving Jiang Wei but I was so happy to see him go up to the top for you. I am curious though (I'm not fully through the video yet but still felt I should ask this question.) What is Wang Yi's story? Personally I don't feel like I know enough about her or why she hates Ma Chao so much and that whole situation y'know? Really enjoying listening to your opinions though and I'm gonna do my own tier list just cause why not so thank you for leaving the link in the description.

  9. My favorite in each kingdom: Jia xu, Sun ce, Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Lu Bu. Least fav: Cao Xiu, Zhu Ran, Xiahouji, Zhuge Dan, Yuan Shu.

  10. The reason zhou tai and Xu huang have my heart when my brother completed the whole game …. he never even touched them ….. so once I played with them they’ve been my favorite because they stick out to me

  11. Ayy, Lu Xun and Ling Tong are two of my faves as well! And yeah… Gotta agree about Bao Sanniang. Just… why?

  12. I used to think Ma Chao was neat, but I always thought Zhao Yun was better. Then I got irritated with how much he spouted about justice. THEN Wang Yi got added and I learned what he did to her and I flat out hate him now. LOL He can't talk about justice and think he deserves revenge against Cao Cao for his father, and not let Wang Yi exact revenge for her family. That is hypocrisy and we know he'll never apologize because he doesn't care. Funnily enough, I adore Gan Ning. Thing is, even though he won't apologize for killing Ling Tong's father because it was his duty, he also shows care for his comrades and he saved Ling Tong's life. There is some honor there. Gan Ning and Ling Tong become friends. That can never happen with Ma Chao and Wang Yi. She is broken by the loss of her family and is driven by her lust for revenge. Makes me kind of scared for what would happen if she succeeded in getting revenge. Nevertheless, Wang Yi is one of my favorite characters and I loathe Ma Chao's hypocritical ass. It's Ok if people disagree. People will disagree. Shu is the most popular kingdom and people love Ma Chao. I will just stay in the minority over here.

  13. Hears Beneath the Mask in the background

    A man of culture, I see. A fellow DW and Persona fan here. 😁

  14. Cool video! Love the love for Jiang Wei! Hes one of my faves too! Im doing a Dynasty Warriors Character Analysis series where I countdown the top dynasty warriors characters as well, doing one episode for each character for how they change and all that, would be cool if you checked it out! We need more Dynasty Warriors Youtubers I dont see many 🙂

  15. Wow putting Lu Bu under I tolerate. I mean fair enough if you don't play him much and think he's just a muscle head but you gotta give him at least some credit for when he appears on the battlefield (as an enemy) and everyone goes "oh sh*t it's Lu Bu!", the dude even got his own kick ass theme song and everything.

  16. All the Shu kids and Lu Lingqi play the "I'm the child of ___!!!!!!" card way too much. They ought to stop leeching off of their elders and promoting pointless nepotism, and instead make an effort to establish themselves as uniquely talented. Like Jia Chong told Zhuge Dan: name means nothing.

    47:59 two Yuan Shus?!

  17. Most favorite :
    Wang Yi,Sima Zhao,Guo Jia, Zhong Hui,Yu Jin (yeah I am wei fanboy)
    Least Favorite :
    Bao Sanniang,Xiao Qiao,Zhang Bao,Guan Xing,Dong Zhuo

  18. My favourites are Xu Huang,Wei Yan(btw I hope for Yan Yan to come soon),Zhang Liao,Gan Ning,Cheng Pu and Guan Yu

    And for me worst ones are Fa Zheng,Xu Zhu,Qiao sisters,Xing Cai and Bao Sanniang.
    But anyway I'm glad that someone made video about his favourite characters.

  19. Well, dude… good video. Almost perfect.

    Only gripe: Why don't you say WHY do you hate Xiaoqiao? You just said "um…" and dropped her on the bottom tier…

    And yeah, I can understand your utter dislike for Zhou Cang, Xiahou Ji, Bao Sanniang, Hua Xiong and Yuan Shu… but still. Xiaoqiao doesn't deserve this

  20. Your list of wrong opinions, are the most wrong. 🙁
    Hua Xiong is a good boy.

    Would seriously recommend Yuan Shu's campaign in DW9, he's one of the most well written characters they've ever had, and his campaign is easily one of the best stories the series has gotten to date.

    My Favourites:
    Hua Xiong , Sun Jian , Cai Wenji , Zhang Liao , Yuan Shu

    My least favourite :
    Zhu Ran , Zuo Ci , Liu Bei , Bao Sanniang , Guan Suo

  21. Lots of props to ya for posting an OPINION like this on the internet! I also actually really liked Dong Bai as a character! I get from a relevance standpoint or maybe even personality wise that people would dislike her but I agree that her hypothetical was actually pretty fun to me! The little tyrant girl could also be perfect in a whole new hypothetical story for DW IF they over go down that road! (Highly unlikely but a girl can dream!)

  22. I think the only time Xu Shang was relevant was in the Battle of Dongkou where he had the idea of building the fake wall and being the commander of that battle for Wu.
    Also, as shown in WO4, Wen Yang is kinda fanboy of Zhao Yun XD

  23. 36:43
    That's the reason why Lainshi is a likable character though.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Edit: added reasons for favs

    Now u might hate me (cause happened to finish this vid without any skips) after this but i have to tell u my fav and least favs (somewhat based on history) after watching the IF story vids because one of the IF stories literally TRIGGERED me to the point i had a chest pain and suffocate for quite a while

    1. (Voice (JPN dub), char design, personality (in-game and historically), fun moveset (bow/staff/sanketsukon)
    2. Zhang Bao (personality, looks)
    3. Gan Ning (cool, dw5/8/9 designs)
    4. Bu LianShi (protective, respectful, respects others (literally the only char in dw8 that admires Zhu Ran))
    5. Guan YinPing (idk y but i like her a lot)/Zhang ChunHua (always wanted this char in the game and idk y)

    Least Fav (1 Being F*ck this person)
    1. Zhao Yun/Cao Pi/Cao Xiu (i wouldve loved Zhao Yun if it wasnt for that sh*tty author who wrote the book that became one of the most famous novels in China)
    2. Sha MoKe (not and dont think will ever become a playable char but f*ck him because of that author)
    3. Bao SanNiang (rude and cocky)
    4. Xiao Qiao (annoying to have around)
    5. Zhu GeLiang (“this is all part of the plan, even my death”)


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