SSD Review — 8 NVMe M.2 Drives Tested — Which Should You Buy? — 2019 Edition


Which NVMe M.2 SSD Should You Buy? Today we review 8 drives and provide specific purchase recommendations for you!
— Links to All Drives, Expand Video Description —

These links are to the 1TB drive size. Many of these drives are also sold in 500GB and 2TB versions. You can find them on the product page by clicking the size option.

Intel 660p – @Amazon – @NewEgg
Crucial P1 – @Amazon – @NewEgg
Sambrant Rocket – @Amazon
ADATA SX8200 Pro – @Amazon – @NewEgg
Samsung 970 EVO Plus – @Amaozn – @NewEgg
Addlink S70 – – @NewEgg
Intel 760p – @Amazon – @NewEgg
WD Black SN750 – @Amazon – @NewEgg

Special Mention – The “non-Plus” version of the 970 EVO is worth considering if the price is lower than the plus version. There is only a small difference between the drives.

Samsung 970 EVO – @Amazon – @NewEgg

Full List of all 1TB SSDs — @Amazon — @NewEgg

The 2017 Edition of this Video –

The 2017 SATA SSD Review Video –


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  1. I wouldn't recommend the Crucial P1 because its been about a month since I bought it, and its crashed my computer 4 times already. That being said…it'll probably just stop booting within the next couple of months so I'm going to return it and get my moneys worth of an ssd

  2. I really think this channel needs to change it's name. Tech Deals sounds too much like every other tech crap channel. You sir, go well beyond the usual review process and show the nitty gritty of what you demonstrate. Thanks for another awesome overview

  3. Love all your videos (sometimes a bit too much for me but I'm learning)… Need some advice. I ran Adobe Software (mainly, Photoshop, illustrator, Indesing, Premier, Audition, Dreamweaver and Microsoft products as well..quickbooks etc ) I have a 870-210se HP Intel Core i7-7700 3.6 ghz (16 ram) I have several external drives where I keep all my files ( no files on pc) BUT im running out of space.. i have on the C drive 120 Gb (SSD) barely free 10gb. I can spend 100 bucks on replacing the ssd …. Samsung or intel? or something better.. Thanks a lot

  4. Hello! Thanks for the useful information and well-founded opinion. Usually what we find on YouTube are videos that cover minute details when what we want is to make a educated choice that produces the best overall result for a given typical application. At the time I studied at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, 38 years ago, the supreme was 16-bit processors from Intel and Motorola and 5-1/ 4 '' floppy. Since then I started to be self-taught. So, I depend a lot on the information made available on the Net to update me, namely from the user's point of view. So, it's great to find someone who shares practical information, useful on a daily basis in a video that is not a vanity fair with an exhibitionist character, like: see how deep my knowledge is compared to yours and I know more than you all, you ignorant, blindly follow what I say.
    Thanks for the help and the time you make me spare. Really appreciated
    In short, you have gained yet another subscriber.

  5. lol, the white balance is a lot better then your older videos

    lol, I feel like a tech beast because your video. I either post your video or just copy and paste your words in my tech chat and they follow it religiously

  6. Should be noted about the 4K sector issue with the Sabrent. If you’re doing a fresh install, no worries, but if you’re doing a clone from a drive that supports 4K sectors, you will run into issues.


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