StarCraft 2: MASS THOR?!


A really fun match of StarCraft 2 between Solar and Gumiho.
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Gumiho is known to experiment with different strategies in all matchups, but especially Terran versus Zerg. In this game as well he decides to mix it up and he goes for a lot of Banshees and then a ton of Thors.

Solar on the other hand decides to grab as many bases as possible, techs up to a really quick Hive and gets a few Vipers and tons of Brood Lords.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.


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  1. 4:17 wow, see how Overlord flesh falls down on factory and then to the ditch. I like those details.

  2. In response to ur "leave ur comments …" how the fuck do they stay in the air permanantly? it's merely a superimposition of purposefull unit movements ….. might as well ask how tarded zerg have 50 units in the spoace of 20 2d units … grrrrr .. we both know they dont HAVE to make it look that way

  3. i think that its the SCVs size comparied to the banshie like the scale in game isnt the real scale the SCV must be big enough to reach up to the hovering banshie just like i can reach to a toy quadcopter

  4. All Terran air units are equipped with repair-tool-kit that is operated remotely by the SCV. Duh.

  5. Hey Lowko, why do you love to play Zerg? also why do u think terran players rarely use scvs to repair units? not even for expensive units. Gumiho used scvs to repair thors rarely see that happen

  6. Biggest thing I hate with some players is when they throw everything at you have you on your heels and you outplay them…. as soon as you do outplay them….. like the second you do…. they quit… its like fuck you…. dont sit there and beat the shit out of me and then say "welp I give up you win"…. Im sitting there a bloody mess ready keep the fight going and ready to give you your just deserts but because your gassed you run……….smdh! Talk about blue balls

  7. At around the 6:00 mark…
    A couple is 2, not 8 nor 3.

    Sure, for 3, close enough, but 8 helions isn't a couple. It's either 8 or a bunch, a few, some….not a couple, because it's more, even if used as an approximation.

    — Grammar Nazi

  8. The SCV's are using nanite repair units and focus them on the banshee through an ion laser path directed through their drill arm.

  9. terran air units should have a 'land' like the buildings to get repaired, but that would add complication to the game thats why vikings are OP lore wise

  10. Lowko : that's still a lot of zerg units left.
    Gumiho : hold my thors. need to make more.

    this is sick. i almost never seen Terran mech army and mostly thors can win against broodlords and all its support units. i think it is obvious that terran in this match, has a lot of minerals stocked and mining bases. usually the pro games I watched is Zerg has 1 or 2 more mining bases than Terran. and zerg just slowly control the economy of the terran by attacking each base slowly with broodlords, yoinking one thor / one battlecruiser at a time, hiding behind terrain that the slow terran mech can't run around fast enough to counter attack, then run away to regroup. boring but effective.

    the more exciting is when the 2 maxed out forces clashes, but usually the zerg is the one with more mining bases and stocked minerals and gases, and hence zerg normally win with the reinforcements, after both initial army destroyed each other. That's it. assuming both are pro-gamer skill level, then whoever has the economy wins. this round both terran and zerg has 6 mining bases. zerg did not have the advantage of more bases and zerg did not slow boring push but gave us an exciting match being the aggressor. throwing everything to face the terran. *claps!

  11. How do you repair a flying banchee:
    Nanomaterials being beamed off by the scv from the ground to the banchee. Depending on the damaged area. The parts will vary.
    However.. wirings are a tough cookie to repair. The hull is easy but not the electronical and electrical component. That is unless of course: they do have some sort of mini drone to do the surgical repairs that is tethered to the scv. Mini drones being launched carrying high end lenses for micro repairs for the electronics. Since nanomaterials are being used to reapir the hulls, they can utilize that too to repair the electronic components. Although, a different nanomaterial will be beamed for the mini drones use.

    Pretty convincing eh?

  12. We come from the land of the ice and snow

    From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow

    The hammer of the gods

  13. Scv builds broken parts on ground and throw them into the air unit so the crew inside air unit could replace them

  14. 16:00 Lmao, no swearing in my christian Starcraft tournament, while tons of people are being slaughtered by aliens. HECKbats, genius, I love this guy lol


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