StarCraft 2: TERRAN VS ZERG INSANITY! (Clem vs Reynor)


An insane Terran versus Zerg between Clem and Reynor at the professional level of StarCraft 2. This game showcases some of the highest level SC2 with both players constantly trying out to outsmart and outmicro the other. The skill level of the game in general is continously rising and it’s noticable, especially by the way that the Terran player plays this match. Reynor hangs on by the skin of his teeth as he goes up to Brood Lords and Infestors versus the Terran Mech army.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Zerg are so OP that the other races demand a lot more micro from the player and that is why SC2 is getting a little boring. I deeply respect non-Zerg players for their excellent control, even despite how much the game demands of them, especially Protos players. Time and again we can see how it is much easier for Zerg players to establish numerical superiority thanks to how cheap the units are, maintain a stable economy with multiple fast base expansions and a strong and cheap army. If any other race does not achieve excellent handling of the micro by managing to expand, defend itself, harass the enemy and establish a strong economy despite having weaker and more expensive units, it is doomed to failure. There are cases in which the player handles micro so exceptionally that there is a chance of winning, however the game is slowly transforming to one focused on Zerg both in and out of tournaments, so much so that it is a shame.

  2. This is a balance whine and nothing against Clem, but the level of difficulty of each of their playstyles in this game is just so much higher for zerg. The micro required, the macro, strategic decision making, maintaining the right composition of units, all on top of the fact that the cost of even small mistakes is extremely unforgiving.

  3. Why not a single viper? He could have abducted all those tanks, bcs and the match would have been so better. Sad to see swarm loose 🙁 but well played Clem ♥

  4. "Karen… get your… shoes on" – Lowko imitating Winter? Yeah, thanks, I'll have two and some fries, please, wait, make that three! :-DDD

  5. 7:44 we started calling queens Branda, Karen etc. because WinterStarcraft came up with it as fitting comic relief. Kinda wish that Lowko would have mentioned that, he and Winter are friends but he probably didnt want to direct his viewers over to Winters channel too much by mentioning him.
    But awesome game and so well commented, I really enjoyed dude 😀

  6. Hey Lowko, every time you say "the No.X on the planet", I wonder how you know, if there are no extraterrestrial Starcraft 2 contesters among the top players.

  7. Can we just get a 10 hour montage of you going "HEEEEEEEEEEELLO EVERYONE, MY NAME IS LOWKO!"? Because I really, really, really need that in my life right now.

  8. this is why i love starcraft 2 i mean i am a terrible noob but it doesn't matter i dont need to be good in order to have fun
    just goofing around from time to time
    and ofc watching lowko's videos 😀

  9. @Lowko you have to cast game 4 of Xelnaga finest Serral vs Clem on eternal empire, best game i've seen in a while

  10. Playing Terran mech like it was bio, juggling your army with a medivac like it's a prism… So cool! These players are so powerful!

  11. i was so happy to see one math was 28 minutes, but a little sad to see it end before the map was mined out. what a great match

  12. Lowko, is there anyway to see these pros do more 2v2 tournaments? Saw Beasty play one once. I'd be willing to donate some money if you'd host it 😊

  13. very nice game… clem played a style i've never seen before, i think booth played agressive, but the terran units were just better. Iam starting to reconize some "Clem moves", that are made only by him, and they are awesome. The medivacs…haha very nice


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