The FASTEST SSD Technology Explained – M.2, U.2, and MORE


M.2? AHCI? NVMe? With the knowledge in this video, you should be able to comfortably pimp out your storage setup to the next big thing.


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  1. Guys can you help me with this, please? I just recently bought a laptop( Asus ROG Strix G G531GT) and it came with PCIe NVME 256 GB M.2 SSD. I need a upgrade but I dont know what to buy. I need it to be as fast as possible. I suppose it has 2 slots. Should I remove the current m2 ssd and buy a new one? or normal 2.5 inc ssd is enough? Thank you.

  2. 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (PCH) is it worth putting a m.2 adapter on it? as i only have the following and my only m.2 slot on the motherboard is used.
    Asus crosshair vi Hero
    2 x PCIe 3.0 x16 SafeSlots (CPU)

    1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (PCH)

    3 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots (PCH)

  3. I’m glad I’ve spent the time researching and didn’t rush off to buy hardware. We have a 10 year old computer at work I wanted to upgrade with ssd. It looked like the cheapest option was to get a pcie adaptor for nvme ssd but didn’t realise you can’t boot from it for old motherboards. So will have to go the 2.5 sata route. Will need a USB 3 pcie adaptor as well to speed up cloning.

  4. I've watched this video just because I wanted to know about U.2, but even it's mentioned in the title, I haven't heard anything about it in the video 🙁

  5. We need more videos like this. Videos explaining just what a term(s) means, and what it means for the end user.

  6. @Linus Tech Tips Have you guys done a video on loading or read/write times for NVMe vs SSD? And in what applications would a NVMe drive make a difference? Also, potential bottlenecks, like transferring files between a NVMe and SSD drive, the read/write times would still be limited to the SSD capabilities, right?

  7. If the board doesn't support booting from nvme you could install a boot loader like grub on a data drive and chain boot the nvme.

  8. You went too fast and this was super confusing. I am new to this technology, just upgraded to the m.2 and it’s freaking fast. I think what most people want to know is, most older computers can only handle an SSD upgrade, while in order to upgrade to the m.2 would require an upgraded motherboard and the PCI adapter that you can add an m.2 too. I might be way off, but in order to truly have a fast system you need about $1000. Less of course if you just want to incrementally go up from Old.

  9. i use now my 2T nvme evo 970 plus as steam library 😀

    the cost? using google currency, so… 2049 NIS to > UDS is 597$

  10. A lot of blabbering in this video, anyone want to know the basic you to to

  11. I just noticed my motherboard has a m.2 port in it today. Sneaky pricks hid it between the expansion slots. Might put one in to use for the OS to make the computer a bit faster.

  12. What im confused at is, is the m.2 or nvme m.2 a storage hardware or just to make your storage faster

  13. I like to watch your 3 year old videos because you feature stuff that I can finally afford to buy 🤣


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