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  1. make short and straight videos. dude we people dont need 20 min long video.
    our dota match dont even last 20min. lol

  2. Playing a offlane "support" underlord is great in low brackets. Either your team finishes early or you start swinging 500 damage right clicks and end the game yourself

  3. pls don't upload this sure so many cancer player try this…. there's a lot of cancer player rely on too much youtube… bullshit player too much youtube make your team lose…

  4. I gained 300 mmr by Underlord (from legend V to ancient III). If I am strong I won't mind to get SnY to crush all the enemies. Nice video. Thanks!

  5. Im sorry bruh, i learn listen what u say but, can u slow little bit your tempo of speaking your content dude, thanks

  6. Ok, as an avid pitlord player, I am now sold on the hood. I use to bum rush mana boots into atos before getting aura items, but I practically always ignored hood/pipe. I just wanted to have good control in fights. Eventually I'll disassemble the mana boots for BoTs and play "Discount Nature's Prophet" using normal TP's and BoT's to push 2 lanes and my Ult to evade ganks.

  7. Thx man, you remind me of using Underlord again. Been getting my win streak back XD. Abyssal is also seems OP in my bracket with him

  8. Ancient player here with Platinum Tier Underlord on 2 accounts. I always go Soul Ring then Phase Boots, 1 Bracer(Optional), Pipe then Atos. If my team can get a Clumsy Net, that’s already a GG if I get it. I’ll be Perma-Rooting people on teamfights. If there’s no Clumsy net, a Dragon Scale or Vampire Fangs is an awesome replacement. If I’m snowballing the game, I’d get a Shivas or a Hex against a Morphling. Hallberd and Solar are optional but are awesome choices too. I cut the wave as an Underlord the minute I get a Hood or a Vanguard and make space . I also get the 200 cast range talent instead of the additional Permanent Bonus Damage. Forgot to mention that Nether Shawl is great too. @GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides

  9. love your vids speed , every day closer to inmortal , MORE OFFLANER GUIDES PLEASE. ! gratz from argentina !

  10. Have been owning my favorite hero recently. Think the game thought I was smurfing and put me against an offlane smurf underlord. I made mistakes in the game but their underlord played like this and they eventually won although I think it could have been a lot closer. Goodbye 5 game win streak but I think speeds help makes me feel better about the loss

  11. As underlord I have 100% WR,but the strange part is my build order:
    I start with reaver and every time I get it in less than 10 min.
    After reaver if im able to kill alone I get tarrasque if not I get hood and vangard (no boots yet ,not even brown boots)
    Now for me personally underlord has a big spike when he gets tarraque cuz hes able to stay in a teamfight or next to it and join later

  12. Get treads instead of phaseboots, soulring + int treads is plenty for mana sustain, get ult at level 6 so that u can start cutting creeps and farm their jungle with an escape tech ready in case they gank on u. imo sneyking doesnt really use underlord's capability to push lanes aggresively enough

  13. I have been spamming underlord lately. 73% win rate in the last 50 games.

    Things I have learned:

    1. ALWAYS GO FOR SOUL RING. Try no to skip it because at some point, trust me, you will lose an important tf because you have no mana.

    2. If you are against slark and life stealer, or any carry that my slow you or stun you, start with a ring of protection instead of the quelling blade. Both if you are not good at lh.

    3. Slark is one of your main counters, his passive is just to good against you and he will beat you in 1v1 even under your fire. Rush boots and bucker against that bitch.

    4. If you are against Juggernaut, Spectre, Pa, Void… rush soul ring and spam them to death. And trade with them non stop. They will not be able to do ANYTHING. I actually laugh everytime they last or prelast pick Pa or Mercurial against Underlord.

  14. one time i was playing underlord and about 8 min into the game, our safelane became a cluster fuck with 7-8 heroes fighting in there. so the moment i hit lvl 7 with 4 points in q i tped bot, and was able to snatch a rampage and 3 more kills when they tped in after rez. i literally killed their team almost 2 times over in a 2 min window. needless to say the game was an easy win from that point on, i was already the highest net worth hero before all that. i thought time to troll and got atos and meme hammer and literally locked ppl down for 8-10 seconds at a time.


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