The prisoner better not burp! – Let's Play Dragon Age: Origins #7


I’ve been playing BioWare games all my life, and I’m really excited to play Dragon Age: Origins for the first time. Nominated by my patrons over at Patreon, and voted for here on YouTube, this will be a full playthrough with an elven rogue ready to bring down the world. Let’s play Dragon Age: Origins!

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  1. Outro detalhe…O Duncan estava fora a recrutar enquanto o Alistair andava a abananar os Mages…Ele como Grey Warden podia dizer não à Reverend Mother, pois já não é um templar logo nao tem de cumprir ordens do Chantry…só que ele numa de palhaçada decidiu fazer de mensageiro e espetar ferro, ele nunca teve ordens do Duncan pra isso…Por isso é que o Duncan se chateou no fim com ele.

  2. Jogares um jogo de pelo menos 100 Horas…ou 200s em videos de 30 minutos de cada vez….vai ser muito loooongo….E atenção às Tactics…Tem limitações, de tal maneira que até há um mod para as mesmas.

  3. Don't be afraid to upset people by unlocking chests – it's basically NWN in that regard – loot as much as you want.

  4. 17:07 – imo, Pillars 2 has better AI system, but this one is pretty decent. You get more slots for actions with levels and there's a skill for that too. There are also mods that add more conditions to be used.

  5. When it comes to history there is a truth in everything you read, you just need to find out the truth from the lies. Take more than this game to find out though.


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