Twinmotion 2019 vs Lumion 9


We take a look at Twinmotion 2019 and Lumion 9 side by side: pros, cons, and similarities.

Software and/or plugins used in this tutorial:
Twinmotion 2019
Lumion 9 Pro
(no post-processing was used)

The control image and 3d model were produced by Chaos group V-ray as a part of their sample files.

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The mic I use –
The mixer I use –




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  1. The video is very good, although my results are not optimal, I also try to make a tutorial about twinmotion 2020 like this. if you wish, can check on my channel

  2. Did the people who are making stupid comments about being bias about twinmotion even watch the whole video? He clearly gave pros and cons to both. I use lumion and i came here looking for differences in the software and i got what i was looking for. Great job keep up the content

  3. nice channel! please take a look at my latest Twinmotion 2020 video! (Ville Savoye)

  4. It's a good comparison but my only qualm is that in the end we compared an evening render to a midday render.

  5. Tive a impressão de que nenhum dos dois se propõem a resultados muito profissionais, me parecem mais um quebra galho 3D feitos rapidamente…

  6. Dude u needed to render the two images similarly Hi both of them be in spring or both of them being fall both of them have the same amount of light etc. that’s the only way to give us a sense of what

  7. Querendo aprender Lumion?


    Agora facilitado para você: Parcelamento em até 10x, conteúdo online para você estudar quando quiser e material super completo contendo mais de 85 aulas!


    No site logo abaixo podes encontrar toda a emenda e a prévia das vídeo-aulas de Lumion 9. Para maiores informações do curso e opções de pagamento, acesse:

  8. Left1 is more realistic. Right1 colors' are too vivid, too bright. Maybe it can be changed via some settings. But i've heard that is the main difference between those two.

  9. Now before i scroll down im gonna guess bunch of people aint happy of how u've rendered on lumion and may start ranting


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