When FAKER Picks KATARINA in EUW! – SKT T1 Faker Plays Katarina vs Leblanc Mid | Faker EUW SoloQ


When SKT T1 Faker Plays Katarina Mid vs Leblanc in Challenger Elo EUW Season 9 Patch 9.20
Faker Katarina Runes:

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  1. nothing to see, only last hitting kills in teamfights… no fancy plays, no skill, only playing for KDA? Whats even the purpose of posting this? Its more like he´s carried by bot lane in this game.

  2. Dudes, i don't play lol, but i enjoy watching this guy playing and i learned a little bit about lol seeing videos on this channel.
    Can anyone say me whic champion it's Faker's main?


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