Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic


hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. Literally top thing when you search for signs of sociopathy and psychopathy is "cruelty towards animals". Done research my fucking ass

  2. O MY GHOD I USED TO WATCH THOSE HOWCAST TUTORIALS ON KISSING AS A 9 YEAR OLD because they were s c e n d a l o u s and the closest thing to porn i knew how to access:>

  3. her looking like Hailey baldwin? maybe if i take my glasses off and close both eyes they’d look a LITTLE similar

  4. As a fellow middle aged woman, I am embarrassed and disgusted! I’m happy to say my kids (in their late teens) have never heard of her. I was concerned that they would consider her advice. How would any man be attracted to her? She has obviously zero self esteem or awareness.

  5. Dangelo has receipts that Shallon Lester is 39. She even lies about her age, so you've got an almost-40-year-old woman spinning all of these juvenile imaginary celebrity scenarios because apparently, she has no life of her own. This is crap that lonely 14-year-old girls pull when they're desperate for attention. Utterly pathetic. (Apologies to lonely, attention-seeking 14-year-old girls)

  6. I'm actually disgusted. I know many males, white, that have suffered horrible abuse and trauma and she has just fucking trivialised their struggles. She's disgusting.

  7. I mean, she likes younger guys because they're easier to control, so it's understandable that she thinks every relationship has a victim and a predator.

  8. Pete himself has said that he was diagnosed with BPD after his father, a fire-fighter, was killed in 911. This guy suffers enough without her throwing out allegations of abuse by his family. Seriously…how does she get away with this crap?!

  9. before i watch this, i really have no idea who she is, but she's quite familiar for me. until he showed the clip from the kissing tutorial thingy, and then i was like…ooh so that's where I've seen her before 😅

    edit : also. first time watching your videos, i love it, and i just subscribe to ur channel 💃🏻👏🏻

  10. Correct me if I'm not remembering it right, but on D'angelo's new video, Shallon lester was actually 29 years old when she made the thirst tweets about Justin Bieber back then

  11. I’m not calling anything that starts with an R, but if you put in one side the woman se talks lightly about and in the other the woman she has some kind of negative bias against, then do two separate paints of them one side would need a way wider range of colors…

  12. It's sad as a former fan of Shallon and someone who also struggles with mental health, the way she diminishes it, as either a lie, or a mechanism to manipulate someone, or to get attention. She lost me when she made out white men have no reason whatsoever to have depression just because they are white men, when the suicide rates are literally the highest in men. I hope no male saw that and it helped in any way to push him over the edge. Very sad.

  13. is she the female onision
    hated by left wing check
    hated by right wing check
    hated by mgtow/red pill community check
    hated by black pill community check
    creeps on younglings check

  14. that’s why i unsubscribed…she really feels & thinks she’s perfect! & i really got confused because she suddenly became so bully! & she talks as if she knows every celebrity in this world! anyways, i’m just loving your eyes! are they really in green & blue colors?? amazing!👌🤙

  15. 13 year old girls can write more convincing make out stories in their One Direction fanfics. Not to speak ill of 13 year old girls.

    Shallon could learn a thing or two from people who are still matureing, as she clearly hasnt gotten out of her highschool mean girl phase. The real world will ask for receipts and not just go by rumours. And starting rumours has never gotten people anything. Hope she enjoys her trip to the sun, shes about to get burnt.


  16. First time I see one of your videos… loved it!! I had noticed she is getting more negative but I thought maybe it was just one or two videos…but I stopped watching her afterwards.


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