Windows 10 on Lumia 950 (latest 1909 driver pack)


Showcasing my Lumia 950 smartphone dual boot with Windows 10 ARM. It has gus33000’s latest driver pack installed.

Tutorial for installing:

The tutorial is a little bit out of date. Instead of WoA installer you should get the WoA deployer (look below) and skip the Core Packages part. Also make sure to choose the Windows 10 ARM64 build 18908 because that is what I confirmed to work with cellular.

What is working but is not shown:
– Display Dock as USB hub for mouse, keyboard and external HDD
– Miracast to Surface Pro
– calling somebody (pretty beta)

What is not working:
– HDMI out using Display Dock
– x86 Direct3D gaming
– stability issues (especially GPU driver)

Important reference links:



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