ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss whether the transfers of Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish and Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho would be enough for Manchester United to reclaim top spot and become Premier League champions again.

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40 thoughts on “Would Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish make Manchester United Premier League champions? | ESPN FC

  1. They need Sancho yes and Grealish yes but also a Striker(Martial and Rashford lack the required experience but are good depth options and ones for the future), a centre back(Lindelof doesn't cut it, neither does Jones, Bailey is too fragile not sure of Smalling) and a fit, firing and willing Pogba(to complete the midfield tro of Grealish, Fernandes and himself) to be able to challenge for the premier league title.

  2. I’m gonna be blunt. These guys a crudely novelistic in their opinions and have no structure or direction in their conversation

  3. These clowns don't watch Man Utd matches. No mention of Fred or Wan Bissaka. The two best players of our season. Because of them. We have improved so much defensively.

  4. Busy laughing about us having Jones despite the fact he has barely played this season. We may have went on a bad run mid season without clean sheets but we don't concede mass amounts of goals and in recent times 9 clean sheets in our last 11 games with only 2 goals conceded both goalkeeping errors (Romero vs Brugge, De Gea vs Everton) but sure laugh about how bad our defence is? Reality is if our defence next season remains as solid as it has been prior to the suspension of all sport worldwide and we add Grealish and Sancho plus if he stays possibly a fit and happy again Paul Pogba then that should immediately significantly improve us. Especially baring in mind our biggest issue this season has been breaking down the defensive sides. Pogba, Bruno, Sancho, Martial, Rashford should find breaking down said sides a lot easier!

  5. If Sancho RW, Grealish CM and Partey CM Join Manchester United. Ighalo (permanent)

    And if United Sell- Jones, Periera, Lingard, Mata and Sanchez

    And develop/strengthen their coaching
    And medical departments

    Then they could seriously contend for the premier league title and Progress far into the champions league

  6. literally they have no clue about football at all. Matic has been amazing the past few months while we've had injuries.

  7. MY OPINION: Fred has had a huge improvement since Ole has taken over. However, if pogba returns. Bruno and pogba are starting unless one is injured. Scott is an outstanding defender. I don't get how people miss that. He is physical and smart. I think he'd be a better fit than Fred.

  8. Rashford, Martial, Sancho

    Pogba, Fernandes, Fred

    Williams, Maguire, Bailly, Wan-Bissaka


    If that squad stays consistent, title contenders within two seasons.

  9. Pogba is one of a kind doesn't matter if he hasn't played much 100m is a joke for a player like that 135m is a fair price and as for Grealish don't want him overrated rather some more steel in midfield either Ndidi or MS Savic with Sancho as well

  10. Title contention is still something that seems rather far away to be fair. But if Grealish and Sancho come in, we are starting to get real depth in that team. But most likely it’s one or the other, not both!

  11. Marcotti loves to hear himself talk. The both of them laughing at Jones, yeah he hasn’t fulfilled his potential but they forget what he has won and how many times he has represented his country.

  12. Nimanja Matic was obsulutely perform with Bruno Fernandes. I can see that but i hope the new signning will be good from him

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